Centering & Balancing (C&B) has single, ceramic, custom-made mugs designed by C&B available for purchase.


Dishware come in sizes that fit 8 ounces, 12 ounces, and 16 ounces of drink and food.


Prices vary depending on size, and item. Specialty items, including smaller & larger sizes, are only available by booking online. Book an appointment to both design & order now! Please select "Book Online" located in the top left corner on computers/laptops & in the scroll down menu on mobile phones/tablets. The shown images are solely examples to show how dishware can appear.

Ceramic Mugs in Singles

  • As C&B creates personalized custom-made dishware singles this will require the client scheduling an appointment with C&B to design their dishware. Designing appointments will include three sessions: the first to determine the design, the second to share and confirm C&B's production of the design, and the final session to confirm the design on the dishware set as well as ship the product to the client.

    Sessions can take anywhere from a 1/2 hour to 2 hours, so Centering & Balancing (C&B) requires these be booked as far ahead in advance as possible for appropriate scheduling. C&B understands customers may change their minds after a design is thought of, so this is another reason why there are three sessions.

    If the customer would rather C&B determine the design for the custom-made dishware singles (nonpersonalized designs), they can indicate that during the ordering process too by adding the desired set - 2-piece, 4-piece, or 6-piece to the shopping cart

    Centering & Balancing (C&B) is looking forward to crafting a dishware set specifically for you and your loved ones! Remember - thirty percent (30%) of the sales is donated to a social justice grassroots collective &/or nonprofit organization of your choice or those listed by C&B!


Las Cruces, New Mexico; USA


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