C&B offers ceramic custom-made dishware sets that are C&B designed or that can be designed by the client. If the client wants a C&B designed set, please select the set desired - 2, 4, or 6 - and add it to the shopping cart. Be sure to include any additional items desired, from soup spoons to a large drink pitchers in your shopping cart. 

If the client wants to design their own set using C&B to custom-make it, please select "book online" located in top left corner for computers/laptops & in the scroll-down menu for mobile phones/tablets.


By way of sets of two (2), four (4), or six (6), customers will receive custom-made cups, mugs, salad/soup bowls, saucer plates, and dinner plates.

Additional ceramic pieces include soup spoons, sauce pitcher, drink pitcher, & flatware in sets of two to six. The flatware includes spoons, forks, butter knives though specialty silverware are available upon request. Family sized salad/soup bowls can be purchased in the single dishware section.

Prices begin at $160, increases to the price are dependent on both the set number and additional pieces. Standard shipping is free.

The shown images are solely examples to show how single dishware can appear.

Ceramic Custom-made Dishware Sets

  • As C&B creates personalized custom-made dishware sets this will require the client scheduling an appointment with C&B to design their dishware. Designing appointments will include three sessions: the first to determine the design, the second to share and confirm C&B's production of the design, and the final session to confirm the design on the dishware set as well as ship the product to the client.

    Sessions can take anywhere from a 1/2 hour to 2 hours, so Centering & Balancing (C&B) requires these be booked as far ahead in advance as possible for appropriate scheduling. C&B understands customers may change their minds after a design is thought of, so this is another reason why there are three sessions.

    If the customer would rather C&B determine the design for the custom-made dishware set (nonpersonalized designs), they can indicate that during the ordering process too by adding the desired set - 2-piece, 4-piece, or 6-piece to the shopping cart

    Centering & Balancing (C&B) is looking forward to crafting a dishware set specifically for you and your loved ones! Remember - three percent (3%) of the sales is donated to a social justice collective or organization of your choice or those listed by C&B!


Las Cruces, New Mexico; USA


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