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Welcome to Centering & Balancing (C&B), a project of Centering & Balancing (C&B) LLC! 

At C&B you can order Mama Earth friendly, C&B crafted or personally customized functional art and get it shipped to you right here.  From visual art like charcoal sketches to paintings to metal and jewel art like jewelry to ceramic art like dishware and more, if you're seeking visual, metal, cloth, woodwork,  ceramics or a combination of any mediums mentioned in a mixed media piece, order here with Centering & Balancing (C&B). 


About Centering & Balancing (C&B)

Health Over Profit

Can a online store be more than just a place to buy pretty things?


With recycled and repurposed materials, C&B produces custom-made functional & aesthetic art - visual, metal, cloth, woodworking, & ceramics art. 

C&B will use our *green* kiln and pottery wheel; purposeful & appropriate water reuse; locally found recycled wood; and non-toxic clay, glazes, & paint all to create. Metal sculpture Will be produced too!

At C&B, the customer will be contributing to social justice work with every purchase of ceramics and metal artwork. Dedicated to helping resist violence against women and children, C&B will donate money from your purchase to local, state, national, and one day international grassroots collectives &/or nonprofit organizations working on issues related to child sexual abuse, reuniting families, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, & sex trafficking.

Initially, C&B will donate thirty percent (30%) of the profits from ceramic and metal artwork sales to those named in the blog as the local, state, national, and potential internationally-based collectives & nonprofits C&B will donate to. If you, as the client, know of a particular collective or organization, be sure to indicate that in your order! In the future, C&B will donate an additional twenty percent (20%). C&B's goal is to one day donate all profits from ceramics and metal artwork sales to this resistance. Centering & Balancing (C&B)'s blog will document this process.

With a commitment to social justice, the disabled owner/sole employee is hopeful everyday peoples - unable to engage in justice work on the ground for whatever reason - will take this opportunity to still help peoples and thus communities heal. 

Buy more than pretty things by making a contribution to real change with your purchases!


Send us a Note

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests. Also use this to indicate which social justice collectives and/or organizations you believe C&B should donate to.



Birthing Centering & Balancing (C&B)

February 12, 2019

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